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Manufactured to specification with reliability and precision

The ink you choose plays an essential part in the success of your print system. For a quality ink, you need a specialist manufacturer.

Because our sole purpose is inkjet inks and dispersions, our promise is to deliver the highest quality products that will meet your precise performance specifications.

We are experienced in supplying all kinds of inkjet ink, in all kinds of volumes. So, we know what it takes to meet even the most demanding requirements when it comes to reliability, speed-to-market and cost effectiveness.

And the strength of Fujifilm’s manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain means you can depend on us to deliver you a continuous, uninterrupted global supply.

Global manufacturing

Following the recent commissioning of our new RxD inkjet dispersions facility in USA, Scott MacMillan, Group Operations Director (now COO), explains how Fujifilm ensures consistent quality across its global manufacturing sites.

Quality and consistency

Quality and consistency

Renowned for pursuing the highest quality standards, our manufacturing is underpinned by ISO 9001-compliant Quality Assurance Systems to make sure our products always meet the specification.

At every step of the manufacturing process we employ stringent quality control procedures to monitor the quality and consistency of our ink products, from initial formulation transfer through to final batch testing. And we use the latest analytical methodology and equipment to control quality at a molecular level, from raw materials through to finished product.

Secure, worldwide supply

Secure, worldwide supply

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, each of our manufacturing sites ship to 86 countries worldwide. And, thanks to the length of time we have been in this industry, we have also built up a solid supply infrastructure, underpinned by our long-standing supplier relationships.

All this means you can be 100% confident you will have a secure and consistent supply of inkjet products whenever you order from us.

Investment in infrastructure

Investment in infrastructure

Our large scale manufacturing facilities between the USA and UK produce up to 27 million litres of inkjet ink each year, and we continue to expand our global dispersion manufacturing capacity.

We invested $47 million in the expansion of our inkjet dispersion manufacturing capabilities in the USA. It is part of our commitment to meeting the growing demand for new applications with aqueous inkjet inks and supporting our global customer base.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Investing in our people

Our highly-skilled manufacturing technicians have flexible, multi-processing skills and are supported with continuous operational improvement.

Progressing our processes

We are committed to continuous process improvement, from increasing the robustness and efficiency of our procedures to maximizing our waste management and sustainability practices.

Aqueous ink contract manufacturing capability

Trust your contract manufacturing to Fujifilm

As a result of our experience, expertize and commitment to customer care, we have become the world’s leading single source supplier for aqueous ink contract manufacturing.

Even if you have given us the most demanding specification for aqueous ink, our seamless contract manufacturing service will meet your challenge – from lab to scaled-up production – on budget and on time. Our team of experts will be on hand to guide you through the entire technology transfer and manufacturing process.

When you partner with us you won’t just get a consistent, high quality aqueous ink, you will also enjoy an excellent level of service that gets you to market quickly and carefully protects your intellectual property.

Large-scale, precision manufacturing

Seamless, end-to-end manufacturing that consistently meets the most challenging specifications, on budget and on time. Ability to manufacture large-scale batches with stringent process controls in place to guarantee precision.

Fast, seamless scale-up from lab to production

Vast experience and expertise in rapid technology transfer for translation of a laboratory ink formulation into a manufacturing formulation, quickly and effectively. Experts in complex, multi-stage processing with a proven track record in streamlined scale-up from laboratory scale to large-scale batches for cost-effective manufacturing.

Reliable products, delivered to agreed specification

Stringent quality control procedures at every step of the process to monitor the quality and consistency of ink from initial formulation transfer through to final batch testing. In-house testing laboratories carry out a range of in-process tests tailored to specific product requirements. Manufacturing is underpinned by ISO 9001 compliant Quality Assurance Systems with full product traceability, from raw material to final ink.

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