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If you are looking to develop a new inkjet print system, you have all kinds of challenges to consider. From print quality, productivity and cost to reliability, performance and regulatory requirements. Any inkjet development is complex. And the partners you choose will determine your level of success. Critical to this is ensuring you have an ink that meets the specification.

Fujifilm’s multi-disciplinary approach to ink development ensures your ink meets the complex requirements of the application, the print system, and that risk is minimized throughout the project for the best chance of success in inkjet.

Multi-disciplinary approach

InkDev360™ is Fujifilm’s multi-disciplinary approach to Project-Based Ink Developments. By tightly integrating the expertise of ink specialists in science, engineering and application disciplines, InkDev360™ enables Fujifilm to:

  • Provide a comprehensive ink development that considers every aspect of ink functionality, performance and interactions.
  • Deliver a robust, validated ink solution that precisely meets the requirements of the print system, processes and application.
  • Overcome problems that can be encountered in complex inkjet developments to ensure success.
Ink functionality


Ink functionality

Ink functionality

Our ink formulation chemists are specialists, experienced and proven in inkjet, experts in aqueous, UV and hybrid technologies. They leverage a large portfolio of dispersion, ink technology, and intellectual property, to formulate an ink that meets the requirements of the printhead, system and final application.

The result is an ink with optimized functional performance.


Ink compatibility with system components

Applied Integration

Ink compatibility with system components

Ink compatibility with system components

Applied Integration is the glue between ink functionality and application. Our team of inkjet technologists speak the language of the inkjet system, ensuring ink and hardware are harmonious and optimized to achieve your end-goal.

They create the equipment and procedures to rigorously test an ink to identify its operating limits. They evaluate interactions between the ink and the system, using analytical techniques to ensure it has the right performance and is reliable.


Ink performance in application and print system

Application Development

Ink performance in application and print system

Ink performance in application and print system

The Application Development team evaluates and tests the ink. They work with you to measure and analyze hundreds of factors, ensuring functionality, image formation and performance of the ink in the system, in the environment and in the end application.

The team supports your project from specification to launch, working from Fujifilm’s Application Development Centre, with your system on your site, and through remote consultation.

Their objective is to ensure the finished ink fulfils the specification.


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