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Application Development is a core part of Fujifilm’s ink development process for your inkjet print system. It ensures ink meets the precise requirements of the specification, to deliver the right performance in the print system, in production processes and in the real-world end application.

Our team of experienced expert inkjet application specialists drive effective collaboration between customers and Fujifilm ink development teams. Working together to agreed milestones, they guide an ink development from specification through to delivery of a fully-validated, robust ink, for the best performance in inkjet.

What it delivers for you:

  • Access to expert specialists throughout complex projects
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Qualified ink performance
  • Confidence in known outcomes

Inside Fujifilm's cutting-edge facility

Get an insight into the capabilities within Fujifilm’s Application Development centre. This single-pass inkjet equipment was built for ink testing and offline analysis, simulating production systems, in laboratory-controlled conditions.

Partnering with the right specialists, who expertly manage the complex technical details of ink performance, allows you to focus on ensuring your inkjet system meets its intended goals.

Richard Fisher

Global Application & Service Manager

Guidance through complex developments

Guidance through complex developments

Our collaborative approach with technical experts in inkjet ensures efficient problem-solving during complex ink developments, to achieve successful outcomes.

Through our team of inkjet Application Specialists, who understand the whole application environment – ink characteristics, print system, print processes and final product – we offer comprehensive support during a development.

And leveraging Fujifilm’s extensive inkjet knowledge, we assist you in bridging gaps in your inkjet application know-how.

Delivering a robust ink development

Qualified ink performance

Qualified ink performance

Application Development is an essential pillar of Fujifilm’s ink development operation, that aims to deliver qualified inkjet ink performance and efficient ink development for real-world end applications.

Alongside formulation lab tests and feedback, our Application Specialists provide an objective, independent review of ink performance, facilitating informed decision-making and optimization of the ink formulation.

Confidence in known outcomes

Confidence in known outcomes

When ink performance is fully understood, it simplifies the process of optimizing for system reliability. The Application Development Team provides expert analysis of data and feedback insight and recommendations to inform the ink development, in an accessible format for customers and formulation teams.

They map the characteristics and limits of the ink to define the operating window and provide early identification of performance against the specification, through real-world evaluation.

Efficient development

Efficient development

Every inkjet ink development receives tailored testing and validation to meet specific requirements.

Collaborating directly with the Ink Formulation team, Application Development bridges the gap between chemistry and application, making informed decisions to achieve optimal ink performance.

From specification to market-ready ink

We work with you to understand and help define your exact requirements – the intended final application, productivity targets, printhead selection and pre- and post-print processes.

There are four critical evaluation stages included in an ink development:


Data-driven insights 

Hundreds of tests are made throughout a development, testing ink to its limits to ensure it meets the target specification. From adhesion, rub and chemical resistance, color reproduction properties and color shift, to image quality, finish, surface cure, printing sustainability, open-time, odour, post-processes, and maintenance regimes.

Our Application Specialists report data back with valuable insights to inform the ink development, in an accessible format for everyone involved.


Project managed ink development process  

Project managed ink development process  

At the core of our successful ink development projects lies effective project management – a cornerstone that harmonises technical expertise, effective communication and optimized resource utilization to meet critical milestones.

We interface the ink development project with your print system development, and through a rigorous approach, navigate challenges and changes through agile methodologies. Regular progress assessments and updates keeps all stakeholders informed of project progress. 

Supported by the latest inkjet development equipment

Fujifilm’s Application Development Centre is a state-of-the-art testing and validation facility inkjet ink development, in Europe. Equipped with cutting-edge printing and testing equipment, the centre enables analysis and optimization of ink performance before on-press trials.

By simulating critical elements of the print system and process in controlled laboratory conditions, our Application Specialists assess ink performance, image quality, and essential parameters vital for successful ink development.

Exploring the possibilities of inkjet?

For customers exploring the possibilities of digital printing, the centre is open to understand the potential of inkjet in your process.

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