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The RxD product portfolio includes our standard APD 1000 series and the APD 4000 series, with higher color strength.

RxD pigments comply with Swiss Ordinance SR817.023.21, making indirect food contact compliant applications accessible.*

RxD inkjet pigment dispersions are registered in all the major sales regions.

RxD aqueous pigment dispersions are available in pack sizes of 20kg, 200kg and 1000kg.

*With some exceptions.

APD 1000 - premium dispersion series

APD 1000 series of high quality aqueous inkjet pigment dispersions are suitable for use across a broad range of applications.

Typical properties for APD 1000 dispersions

APD 1000BlackCyanMagentaYellow-TPYellow-LFRedGreenViolet
Pigment Color IndexCB7PB15:3PR122PY74PY155PR254PG7PV23
Z-average (nm)115106117129140115120110
Pigment content (%)14.314.114.015.314.714.31515

APD 4000 - premium high density dispersion series

A higher pigment concentration provides extended formulation latitude in the ink. Particle size is typically lower, making it ideal for small printhead architectures (eg., MEMS).

Typical properties for APD 4000 dispersions

APD 4000BlackCyanMagentaOrange
Pigment Color IndexCB7PB15:3PR122PO71
Z-average (nm)11477112112
Pigment content (%)

Product compliance

Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21 annex 10AABABAAAAAA
EuPIA Guidelines

Indirect food contact compliance

SR 817.023.21 1 May 2017 ‘Swiss List’All components knowingly used in the manufacture of the title product are included in List A or B of Annex 10 (often referred to as the ‘Swiss List’). In the case of polymeric materials, the constituent monomers are listed. Inclusion in the list is not confirmation of suitability for use in food contact applications. The user should satisfy himself/herself of suitability for use when indirect food contact is a possibility. The title dispersion contains a biocide (CAS 2634-33-5, <0.05%, SML = 0.5mg/kg).
EuPIA GuidelinesThe title product contains no components excluded in the EuPIA-CEPE exclusion policy, November 2016. All components are included in the inventory list (December 2013).

Product registration

All our aqueous pigment dispersions meet the registration requirements for the following territories:

  • European REACH.
  • United States Toxic Substances Control Act Section 8(b) inventory.
  • Japanese Existing and New Chemical Substances.
  • Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances.
  • Philippines Inventory of Chemicals and Chemical Substances.
  • China Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances – Importer specific registration required. Please contact Fujifilm to discuss.

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