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Podcast: An inkjet ink journey with Gary Barnes

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Our Head of Marketing, Gary Barnes, was interviewed as a guest on the FuturePrint podcast by Marcus Timson.

They discuss Gary’s journey in inks and inkjet, following the pathway of his career, the rise of inkjet, and how he has overcome challenges to deliver successful analogue and inkjet products across a range of market sectors, through to the future of inkjet.

In January 2022 Gary celebrated 40 years of work in the print and coatings industry. He remembers how he started his career as a chemist in the lab and now he leads a marketing team with global responsibility for Fujifilm’s inkjet inks and dispersions, developed and manufactured for OEMs, integrators and ink formulators.

To listen to the talk, follow this link:

A Journey in Inks & Inkjet with Gary Barnes