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  • Providing a platform for young people to develop low carbon solutions

Providing a platform for young people to develop low carbon solutions

We are proud to support the “Grangemouth Net Zero Challenge”. As an active partner to this Fuel Change scheme, we are mentoring a group of students and apprentices across our UK sites, where we develop and manufacture RxD pigment dispersions and UV curable inkjet inks.

The new Net Zero initiative aims to challenge the brightest young minds from across Scotland and the UK to come up with fresh ways to tackle climate change.

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Wendy Boyd, R&D Technical Manager is coordinating the team for FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group: “We are delighted to be supporting such a fantastic initiative for the Grangemouth complex and very much want to help ensure a sustainable future for everyone. This also allows Fujifilm to capitalise on the enthusiasm and innovation of young undergraduates, supporting them in their chosen careers and as the industry leaders of our future.”

Fuel Change is a not-for-profit organisation which has the core aim of developing innovative low carbon solutions to real issues currently being faced by industry and wider society, and providing a platform for young people to have their say. For this campaign they are engaging young people and apprentices between 16 and 24 years old, and various employers in the Grangemouth area.

During four months a total of 18 teams will choose one of four challenges and come up with their own ideas to help our planet. 

“Team Fujifilm are keen to understand and develop scientific ideas to help Grangemouth reach a net zero carbon target and lead the company into new areas of sustainability. The team are enjoying the chance to work collaboratively, applying their range of STEM disciplines to such an important global topic”, Wendy Boyd explains.

Team Fujifilm will investigate “Carbon Capture Usage and Storage”.

This initiative is aiming to bring the young generation on board and challenge them to find practical solutions to climate change. At the end, all participants will showcase their practical solutions to industry professionals.

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