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  • 8 reasons to use RxD pigment dispersions in your inkjet ink formulation

8 reasons to use RxD pigment dispersions in your inkjet ink formulation

Fujifilm’s high quality RxD aqueous pigment dispersions enable the creation of high performance inkjet inks for the widest range of applications. The exceptional stability of RxD dispersions gives the ink formulator flexibility in their development process to meet demanding specifications for jetting and application performance.

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Here are eight reasons RxD pigment dispersions could be ideal for your aqueous inkjet ink formulation.

Suitable for most applications

RxD pigment dispersions are widely used in a broad range of established inkjet applications, including home desktop, sign & display, folding carton and commercial print. They are engineered to meet the demands of future inkjet applications too, with the potential to take you into markets such as flexible packaging, textile and decorative laminates.

Exceptional stability

RxD dispersions are engineered with Fujifilm’s proprietary stabilisation process that locks the pigment particles in a robust cross-linked polymer cage. Cross-linking permanently connects the polymer chains together via covalent bonds, preventing desorption. This creates a highly stable dispersion and an excellent foundation for your ink.

Flexibility and control in your ink formulation

RxD pigment dispersions allow ink formulators to use challenging solvents and aggressive surfactants to achieve high image quality and ink functionality. Higher pigment concentrations give latitude to achieve the optimum formulation. They are compatible with a wide range of soluble and emulsive binders or latexes to create excellent durability and adhesion.

High purity and consistency to specification

RxD dispersions are consistently manufactured to tight specifications, ensuring high tolerances on particle size, low levels of polyvalent ions and trace organics, which enables you to ensure batch-to-batch consistency in the inks you supply. Multi-hurdle bio-control guarantees bacteria-free dispersions.

Printer uptime

Narrow particle size distribution, low oversize particle count, and the elimination of microbial activity reduces the risk of nozzle deviation or blockages. Low impurities enable a long printhead life and wide printhead compatibility.

Excellent colour strength

RxD dispersion technology enables us to engineer high pigment strength dispersions without compromising stability. High pigment concentrations give you latitude in your ink formulation and the potential to create inks that produce a wide color gamut.

Formulate for optimal jetting

The combination of excellent stability, formulation flexibility and particle size control makes RxD dispersions suitable for inkjet inks in high performance print systems. RxD dispersions are proven in inks for a wide range of printheads from leading manufacturers including Dimatix, Epson, Kyocera and Ricoh.

Efficient formulation process

Working with a robust pigment dispersion allows you to achieve the correct formulation quickly and cost-effectively, streamlining the development process and costs. Polymer uniformity ensures consistency between formulations, and can help to simplify ink design. RxD dispersions are ideal for simple or complex inks.

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