Digital Textile Congress 2023

28 – 29 September 2023
Ghent, Belgium

About the event

The 6th edition of the bi-annual Digital Textile Congress 2023 will take place in Ghent, Belgium, September 28-29. The conference intends to bring forward the best research and latest developments on digital technologies, including hardware, software, digital inks, printed materials and their related applications. It’s about all the aspects of digital technologies that go into making creative, functional textile, from clothing, soft signage, technical, outdoor and indoor textile.

Fujifilm’s participation

Advancements in digital printing technology are creating new opportunities for fashion designers and manufacturers, with dye-based inkjet the dominant technology for its vibrancy and softness. Digital pigment technology offers advantages in its simpler process and potential lower environmental impact compared to dye. But can digital pigment technology truly deliver the properties required for fashion applications?

Our colleague Rachel Li, Segment Marketing Manager, will explore this question, and consider what ink developments would be required for digital pigment to be the technology of choice.

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