FuturePrint Tech Fest 2021

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29-30 Jun 2021


About the event

FuturePrint Tech Fest 2021 was a successful event dedicated to the development of new print technology.

Fujifilm’s participation¬†¬†

Our colleagues Angelique Runacre (Technical Manager) and Dr Barry McGregor (Integration Manager) discussed about the interface between ink chemistry, physics and engineering in creating solutions to optimize productivity in inkjet, and explain the benefits of taking a multidisciplinary approach to print system development.

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Angelique Runacre is a “Research and Development” Technical Manager at FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group. With over 20 years in formulating inks for inkjet applications, she is leading with enthusiasm a team of scientists in the development of ink technologies for Industrial applications. Angelique started to work for Fujifilm 23 years ago as a Chemist, and now she is the Head of ink development for single pass Industrial and Packaging printing systems. She has different degrees from famous universities, including a Master of Science for Colour Application Technology. Her speciality is UV curable inkjet ink formulation, and she loves delivering the right inkjet solution that meets the needs.

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About Dr Barry McGregor

Dr Barry McGregor is the Integration Manager at FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group. He is running an Engineering research facility in Cambridge, UK. Together with his team of experts he works to understand how print system components can be used to optimise inkjet performance to enable new global printing applications and support ink product development. Throughout his career, Dr McGregor developed innovative solutions and accumulated solid inkjet experience, plus printed electronics fabrication knowledge. He also worked for the Cambridge University’s Engineering Department and he has a Physics PhD.

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