Digital Print for Manufacturing 2022

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09-10 November 2022

Cambridge, UK

About the event

Inkjet technology has an exciting future in the global manufacturing sector. Digital printing can help multiple industries, enabling the ability to unlock new production performance not possible with traditional analogue print technologies. FM Future hosted Digital Print for Manufacturing. The event featured the latest insights, innovations, technological developments, and applications from textile and packaging, to automotive, wide format, commercial print and labels.

Fujifilm’s participation

With inkjet and digital technology taking center stage, our team participated and shared about Fujifilm’s journey as an industrial inkjet system provider. Barry McGregor and Mike Wolfinger explained how our customers get the greatest value through Fujifilm’s comprehensive inkjet technology and global capabilities.

Fujifilm’s presentation

The Evolution of an Industrial Inkjet System Provider

With Barry McGregor, Integration Manager & Mike Wolfinger, Director of Engineering

Discover how a printhead provider and ink manufacturer evolved into a turnkey inkjet system provider. Discover our transformational journey from the laboratory to the factory, sharing important lessons learnt along the way. We explained how a system is more than the sum of its components, revealing the parts that you can’t see that add the greatest customer value.

About Barry McGregor

Dr Barry McGregor is the Integration Manager at FUJIFILM’s Ink Solutions Group, running the Engineering Research facility in Cambridge, UK. Together with his team of experts he works on understanding how print system components can be used to optimise inkjet performance to enable new printing applications and support ink product development. Throughout his career, Barry has led innovation in inkjet and has built in-depth knowledge in inkjet and printed electronics fabrication. He also worked for Cambridge University’s Engineering Department and has a Physics PhD.

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