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Formulate inkjet inks for extended color gamut

The growing use of pigment-based inkjet in commercial, textile and packaging applications is creating demands on higher color performance of print systems.

Textiles need to have vibrancy to match the designer’s intention and to close the gap between analogue and dye-based inkjet. Commercial print needs to precisely match ISO color standards and spot colors. Brand colors in packaging must be reproduced accurately where spot color plates would have been used in analogue printing. 

CMYK ink sets used as the standard in full color inkjet printing can achieve 80%-85% (within a 3 Delta E) of Pantone® colors. By adding additional color channels to a print system, the gamut can be expanded even further into selected areas, increasing obtainable Pantones and producing higher color purity and vibrancy. 

New OGV color range for RxD inkjet pigment dispersions

To enable ink formulators to create inks for gamut expansion, Fujifilm has introduced new Orange, Green and Violet colors into its series of high performance RxD pigment dispersions for water-based inkjet ink formulation. The new dispersions use Orange PO71, Green PG7, and Violet PV23 pigments. 

Pouring orange dispersion in laboratory 2000px

OGV in inkjet ink formulation  

RxD dispersions and the new colors are designed for the formulation of high-performance inkjet inks

“In developing the new RxD Orange, Green, and Violet dispersions, Fujifilm dispersion chemists and process engineers have carefully selected the best polymers and processing conditions to ensure optimum stability and print performance, in line with the standard CMYK products in the RxD product range.” Grant Murney, Product Manager. 

“As a chemist, I would recommend RxD pigment dispersions based on their expanded color gamut which facilitates brighter print colors. Plus, the top quality and reliable reputation of Fujifilm’s RxD dispersions. And the great stability of RxD which enables more formulation freedom.” Iris Coe, Section Head R&D.     

RxD dispersions in flexible packaging 

In this example of an ink set developed with RxD dispersions for flexible packaging, the OGV colors extend the gamut into orange, green and violet areas, producing cleaner colors across the image and accurate reproduction of spot colors. Pantone coverage increased up to 98%. 

OGV flexible packaging comparisons 1024 x 600
Flexible packaging printed using OGV inks formulated with RxD dispersions

RxD dispersions in pigment textiles 

Here is another example of a pigment ink set developed with RxD pigment dispersions for textiles. The left image has been printed using CMYK, the right image is with a CMYKYOGV color set. The oranges and greens of the image are cleaner and more vibrant, with a wider range of tones in the violet areas. The gamut could even be further expanded by the addition of a red channel. 

ogv cmyk comparison butterflies 1024x600 small
Textile prints printed with CMYK inks (left) and OGV inks formulated with RxD dispersions (right)
Textile alien comparison CMYK with OGV 1024 x 600
Textile prints printed with CMYK inks (left) and OGV inks formulated with RxD dispersions (right)

Highly stable dispersions for the widest range of applications 

Fujifilm’s RxD water-based pigment dispersions are highly stable and suitable for inkjet ink formulation across the widest range of applications. They are engineered with Fujifilm’s proprietary reactive dispersant technology which uses a cross-linked polymer to create a secure cage around the pigment. This provides a stable dispersion that is compatible with a variety of components in the ink formulation, enabling the design of stable ink formulations that meet demanding performance requirements. 

The high-quality pigments used in RxD dispersions comply with Swiss Ordinance SR817.023.21, making indirect food contact compliant applications accessible. RxD pigment dispersions are proven in Fujifilm’s aqueous ink developments and are available to other ink formulators from FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group.